an innovative Swiss-Italien producer of diagnostic kits for a detection of oncomarkers on both Next-generation and Sanger sequencing platforms. The kits are CE-IVD certified and extensively clinically validated.
 The Biotype Diagnostic GmbH works continuously to develop and deliver unique molecular diagnostic kits for hematology/oncology nad dermatology.
BRED life Science Technology Inc is a hightech that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing products od Lab in the field of Reproduction Medicine. Their mission of development is to the devoted to providing the best solutions and products for the clinical laboratory in reporductive medicine with the aim to promote the development of human reproductive health.
CytoGen mission is to supply the world health care market with high quality products for medical research and routine diagnostics of human genetic syndromes and disorders. One of the world biggest suppliers of prenatal diagnostic cultivation media comes from Germany.
For fast, precise and cost-effective prenatal diagnosis, QF-PCR is increasingly the technology of choice. Devyser® brings you more than the usual QF-PCR benefits in a single, ready-to-use kit. The CE-labeled Devyser® reagent kits rely on multiplex QF-PCR amplification of STRs for diagnosis of the most common autosomal and sex chromosome aneuploidies.
Belgian company Diagenode offers amplification and quantification methods for DNA targets of human infectious disease. The company also provides guidance to diagnostics companies developing epigenetics-based diagnostics. Our products are designed to make diagnostic assays simpler, faster, and more convenient, with the highest levels of quality. Our kits are CE-marked and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
French manufacturer designs disposable medical devices for assisted reproduction and functional exploration in gynaecology.
A molecular diagnostics company developing and commercializing a pipeline of proprietary products for the screening and diagnosis of cancer. Products enable doctors to diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately, leading to improved outcomes for patients. The lead product, Epi pro Colon, is a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer, which is currently marketed in Europe and is in development for the USA. Technology and products have been validated through multiple partnerships with leading global diagnostic companies including Abbott, QIAGEN, Sysmex and Quest Diagnostics.
Halotech DNA SL is a biotechnology company whose main focus is in the field of genetics. Based on the SCD technology, Halotech has developed and commercialized in vitro diagnostic kits to assess DNA fragmentation in human and animal sperm cells under the registered trademarks Halosperm® and Halomax® respectively.
IQ Medical Ventures is a Dutch medical device revolving incubator company that develops bright ideas from physicians into simple products for the daily practice. We strive to make life more easy for both the patient and the physician. IQ Medical Ventures markets two products in the field of gynecological imaging: GIS®-kit and ExEm® Foam Kit. The basis for these two products is ExEm® gel.
Panagene is focusing on PNA to be used for bio-drugs and molecular diagnostics that would be a central platform technology of the post-genomic era. Panagene owns a worldwide exclusive license for custom PNA synthesis. They currently supply PNA products to thousands of institutes in the world.
Premaitha Health (AIM: NIPT) is an innovative molecular diagnostics company employing the latest advances in DNA analysis technology to develop tests for non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT) and other applications. Premaitha’s flagship product, the IONA® test is the first non-invasive in vitro diagnostic CE marked product for prenatal screening enabling clinical laboratories to offer a regulated NIPT in-house.
Protrans is a company for research, development and production of Diagnostic Products for Organ- and Bone Marrow Transplantation. They offers DNA-based typing systems in SSP and SBT techniques.
 urkish company RTA produces diagnostic kits for quantification of HBV, HCV, HIV and CMV. RTA VOLTRAN® Viral Load Detection System is an automated workstation for RNA/DNA Isolation, PCR set up and analysis which meest all requirements on high-throughput system.
The TNR Diagnostics is a biomedical incubator that catalyses the commercialisation of innovative technologies. One of their part is FastFraX, system for detection of genetically inheribable Fragile X.
ViennaLab, founded 1990, develops and manufactures products for medical in-vitro diagnostics in the field of genetic diseases and predispositions. The current focus is on cardiovascular diseases and inherited disorders of iron metabolism (haemochromatosis). The range of products also includes Thalassemia, Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), Gaucher Disease, Alzheimer and Pharmacogenetics.
Vitrolife is a global company providing products and services for assisted reproduction. Their portfolio holds technology in time-lapse systems, instruments and media to provide an unbroken chain of quality products, securing the results in every step during the whole IVF-treatment. Together. All the way. Learn more at

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