Septin9 Gene Methylation Detection Kit

Product code: BCHSEPTIN9
Producer: BioChain Institute Inc.
Non-invasive detection of Septin9 gene methylation for human colorectal cancer detection by cfDNA analysis using rtPCR.
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

MSDS_Biochain_Septin9 Gene Methylation Detection .zip CE_Biochain_Septin9 Gene Methylation Detection Kit.pdf .pdf

More detailed product information

A non-invasive test for the qualitative detection of Septin9 gene methylation in the human peripheral blood plasma, designed to detect colorectal cancer in patients whose health does not allow colonoscopy.

The patented simple workflow includes cfDNA extraction, bisulfite conversion and dual rtPCR.

The test is CE-IVD certified and NMPA approved for innovative medical devices.

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