Mgr.Jiří Čížek

Managing Director


He studied molecular biology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. After his studies, he started as an application specialist in a shop selling products for immunological and microbiological laboratories. With a green card, won in the famous lottery, he went to the USA for 3 years together with his wife to be, Ivana. He worked for a year in a laboratory at New York University. Then he joined a company distributing analytical instruments for research and pharmaceutical laboratories, where he held positions in customer support, as managing director at the company headquarters in S. Carolina and area manager for the western USA in California. He continued in the Czech Republic for 3 years as Export Manager for laboratory instruments for Eastern Europe. In 2007 he and his wife Ivana founded PentaGen. He enjoys music both passively and actively.


He started at the age of 5 when he was enrolled in violin lessons due to his hyperactivity and mischievous nature, volunteered to learn piano and guitar, and plans to master several other instruments. He enjoys running in the woods and swimming, as well as hiking in the mountains. Most of all, though, he enjoys traveling with the whole family, whether it's to go skiing or to warmer climes.



Mgr.Ivana Čížková

Managing Director

She graduated from the Faculty of Science of Charles University, majoring in biology-geography. During primary and secondary school she participated in the science Olympiads, twice finishing in the national round. She was attracted to science, especially genetics. At university she became deeply interested in geography. Her thesis on limnology was highly regarded, and still has links on Wikipedia. Her first work experience was in multinational pharmaceutical concerns, where she regularly won top awards for her good performance. While living abroad in the USA, she participated in scientific research at Duke University, where she worked in the hyperbaric chamber and, in connection with diving research, worked for DAN and NASA. Her years in the USA were very influential - the freedom, openness, professionalism and quality service overseas inspired her. That is why in 2007, she and her husband Jiri decided to build their own company, PentaGen, whose mission is to bring innovative methods that will enrich the field of diagnostics in the Czech Republic, through a perfect service concept. In 2015, together with her husband, they founded the non-profit educational project Fan, which adds another dimension to their work.


She considers combining her work for PentaGen and taking care of her two now grown children, Klárka and Matouš, to be her greatest achievement. She has a great passion for exploring new countries and therefore enjoys learning foreign languages. In her spare time she enjoys reading good detective and spy novels.



Ing.Martin Eliáš

Commercial Manager


He graduated from the University of Science and Technology in food technology and biotechnology. During his studies he worked in various positions from the laboratory to logistics in Germany for a food company. After his studies he headed to a foreign pharmaceutical company, where he started his career as a sales representative. After 5 years he moved to an Austrian pharmaceutical company, where he held the position of District Manager for the Czech Republic and Product Manager for Psychiatry, Neurology and Pain Management. In 2011 he undertook and passed the CIMA certification - marketing manager. In 2013, he joined a Czech pharmaceutical company as Commercial Manager / Divisional Sales Manager, where he was responsible for the gynaecology and urology area in addition to the neuropsychiatry portfolio. He has been working at PentaGen as Commercial Manager since 2018. In 2019, he completed his Master's degree at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. He has played trumpet in several ensembles since his youth, but now mostly plays for himself as a self-taught piano player.


His great hobbies include an interest in vintage cars and sports cars. He enjoys motorcycling and skiing. Currently, he mostly fills his free time traveling with his family usually in Europe.