TarCET IVD kits

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Producer: Medicover Genetics
Detection of SNV, InDel and CNV germline mutations for a wide range of diseases by NGS.

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NGS panels for detection of germline mutations (SNV, InDel) for diagnosis of various hereditary diseases, preconception testing and PGT.

Library preparation from buccal swabs is based on hybridization capture technology. The solution includes Sirius Genetic Data Management, which can be used for sequencing run planning or maximizing cartridge capacity utilization.

The kit is validated for Illumina NGS sequencers.

Varsome Clinical can be used for data evaluation.

The kits are CE-IVD certified.



TarCET PGT Kit  23 chromosomal pairs
TarCET Metabolic Kit  223 genes
TarCET Hereditary Cancer Kit  62 genes
TarCET Carrier Screening Core Kit  19 genes
TarCET Carrier Screening Comprehensive Kit  228 genes
TarCET Neonatal Kit  140 genes
TarCET Aortopathy Kit  48 genes
TarCET Arrhythmia Kit  42 genes
TarCET Cardiomyopathy Kit 98 genes
TarCET Congenital Heart Defects Kit  80 genes
TarCET FH, PH and RAS Kit  11, 11 a 30 genes
TarCET Cardiac Comprehensive Kit  292 genes
TarCET Infertility Kit  Female 54 genes, Male 39 genes

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