Script installation in Motol Hospital

3. 6. 2024 | Diagnostika



We are pleased to announce the successful installation and implementation of the script for SOPHiA Genetics kits on the automated Hamilton Star instrument at Motol University Hospital!

After a successful tender, PentaGen supplied the hospital with SOPHiA Genetics diagnostic kits and it was necessary to set up the system specifically for SOPHiA sample preparation.


Hamilton will be used here mainly for the Whole Exome Solution (WES v2), but it can also be used for other kits from SOPHiA Genetics.
Forty-eight WES v2 samples have been successfully prepared and are now ready for sequencing. This gave hospital staff the opportunity to test how everything works so that they are ready for implementation.


Many thanks to our diagnostic team, the Motol University Hospital team and our partners at SOPHiA Genetics for their cooperation and support in the implementation of this project