Archer VariantPlex panels

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Producer: Archer DX
Obrazek produktu - Archer VariantPlex panels
NGS DNA panels for the detection of SNV, InDel and CNV somatic variants using AMP technology

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A wide range of NGS kits for the detection of SNVs, InDels and CNVs in somatic and germinal samples.
The advantage of the kits is the use of molecular barcodes (MBCs) and an easy workflow thanks to a unique system of lyophilized reagents.
The Archer® Analysis v7 software with its own ArcherQuiver™ database connected to the Ensembl VEP, Clinvar and COSMIC databases is used to evaluate the results.

The preparation of the libraries is based on the unique patented AMP technology, the main advantages of which are robustness and easy customization of the panels.



VariantPlex™ AML Focus

11 genes


VariantPlex™ MPN Focus

12 genes


VariantPlex™ Core Myeloid

37 genes


VariantPlex™ Myeloid

75 genes


VariantPlex™ Custom Panels


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