Mentype® Chimera®

Product code: 45-13210
Producer: Biotype GmbH
Kit enabling qualitative and quantitative detection of 12 STR markers for monitoring chimerism after HSCT.

More detailed product information

Mentype® Chimera® is a kit detecting twelve highly polymorphic autosomal markers suitable for the analysis of chimerism after bone marrow transplantation in a single PCR reaction.
Each PCR reaction also contains a marker for amelogenin. A positive control is included in the kit.

The product enables the determination of informative markers as well as the subsequent semi-quantitative detection of chimerism in samples after transplantation. Other advantages include low DNA input (0.2-1 ng), sensitivity (1%) and a wide measurement range of chimerism (1-100%).

Evaluation of the results is possible in GeneMapper and with the help of the unique ChimerisMonitor software.

The kit is based on fragmentation analysis on ABI sequencers and is CE-IVD certified.

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