Mentype® DIPquant

Product code: 45-015xx*-0025
Producer: Biotype GmbH
Kit enabling the qualitative detection of 33 DIP markers suitable for monitoring chimerism after HSCT.
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

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More detailed product information

Mentype® DIPquant is a set of >50 products for chimerism monitoring from 0.05% using monoplex rtPCR. The kits enable allelic-specific qualitative detection of the DIP marker selected based on the results of the Mentype® DIPscreen kit analysis in samples after bone marrow transplantation.
A reference sample (45-01591-0100) has to be purchased with the kit.

Results can also be evaluated using the unique ChimerisMonitor software.

The kit is CE-IVD certified.

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