SALSA digitalMLPA Multiple Myeloma

Product code: D006, DRK01-IL, BP01-IL
Obrazek produktu - SALSA digitalMLPA Multiple Myeloma
Reliable and efficient CNV analysis using the unique digitalMLPA technology with >600 probes that target multiple myeloma-related regions.

More detailed product information

Digital MLPA is a patented technology of MRC Holland that combines the advantages of classic MLPA methodology and Next-generation sequencing.
Enables reliable and efficient CNV analysis through 1000 probes.

The evaluation of the results is made possible by the unique Coffalyser digitalMLPA software.

Principle of the method:

SALSA digitalMLPA Probemix D006 Multiple Myeloma enables detection of deletions or duplications in key genes
and chromosomal regions in multiple myeloma using more than 600 probes that target:

  • chromosomal arms with recurrent CNVs including: 1p, 1q, 13q, 17p
  • chromosomal regions to detect aneuploidy and ploidy status (e.g. hyperdiploidy)
  • genes of emerging importance: BCMA, CRBN, GPDC5D, FcRH5, IKZF1/3, IRF4, MYC, RPL5, SLAMF7
  • BRAF V600E mutation

The kit is compatible with Ilumina sequencers.

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