Rapid-i Vitrifikační set

Producer: Vitrolife
Obrazek produktu - Rapid-i Vitrifikační set
Complete set for vitrification of oocytes and embryos.
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

REF19054 Rapid-i Vitrfication system brochure-A4-v.04_Print.pdf .pdf

More detailed product information

Includes the all-new SmartBox 3-box for liquid nitrogen with a new design for the most convenient and safest handling of the carriers.

Liquid nitrogen box with special lid for pre-cooling and fixing the carrier
Product code: 14423 SmartBox 3

Ultrasonic sealer
Product code: 14415 Rapid-i Sealer PS-202, 230V

Pliers for opening the carrier packaging
Product code: 14413 Rapid-i Cutter

Tweezers for removing the carrier from the packaging
Product code: 14410 Rapid-i Forceps

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