Devyser FH NGS

Product code: 8-A109
Producer: Devyser AB
NGS kit for the identification of 12 SNPs in polygenic FH & the 6 SNPs to predict statin response.

More detailed product information

Devyser FH NGS is a genetic test allowing the detection of 12 SNPs associated with familial hypercholesterolemia. The level of LDL-cholesterol can be affected by these mutations in the genes LDLR, APOB, PCSK9, APOE, STAP1 and LDLRAP1. The kit also allows the detection of 6 SNPs associated with treatment effect and adverse reactions to statin therapy.

Library preparation is based on amplicon sequencing. Two multiplex PCRs in one reaction mixture are followed by library pooling and purification without the need for individual library quantification and normalization, which together with the "single-tube" approach allows minimizing the risk of sample mix-up, cross-contamination and manual work time (<45 min).

The product is compatible with Illumina instruments and is CE-IVD certified.

For evaluation, it is possible to use AmpliconSuite (SmartSeq), SOPHiA DDM (SOPHIA Genetics) or JSI (SeqPilot).


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