Devyser RHD

Product code: 8-A060
Producer: Devyser AB
Kit for fetal RhD status determination by non-invasive analysis of fetal cfDNA isolated from maternal plasma using rtPCR.

More detailed product information

Devyser RHD is a non-invasive diagnostic test for RhD status determination of a fetus from 10tt by analyzing fetal cfDNA isolated from maternal plasma.

Thanks to the non-invasive approach, high sensitivity, low DNA input and quick workflow, it is suitable for screening RhD- mothers.


The test is based on the amplification of exon 4 of the RHD gene (single-exon design) and GAPDH gene as an internal control using rtPCR (FAM, VIC).

All reagents including positive control (RhD+ gDNA) and negative control (NTC) are included in the kit.

The product is available in packs of 78 reactions, which can be used to analyze up to 25 samples in triplicate, a positive control in duplicate and a negative control.


The product is CE-IVD certified and compatible with LightCycler 480, ABI 7500, QuantStudio 6 and 7 instruments.

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