QPCR POLE Mutation Analysis Kit

Product code: 35-14900-0100
Producer: Biotype GmbH
A kit for the detection of the 6 most frequent mutations of the POLE gene based on the analysis of DNA isolated from FFPE samples using qPCR.

More detailed product information

A kit for the detection of the 6 most common mutations of the POLE gene (A456P, P286R, S297F, V411L G>C, V411L G>T, S459F) which complies with international regulations (S3, ESMO) and allows the analysis of a small amount of input DNA (2x4 ng) isolated from FFPE of endometrial tissue samples.

The test enables rapid and targeted screening of SNVs (< 2 hours), is based on multiplex qPCR and is compatible with common qPCR devices enabling the detection of 6-FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5.

The product is available in a pack size of 100 reactions for 50 samples and contains two reaction mixes. A positive control is also included in the kit.

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