LAMP Human HLA-B27 detection KIT

Product code: LC-HLAB27-LP, LC-HLAB27Direct-LP
Producer: LaCAR MDx
Obrazek produktu - LAMP Human HLA-B27 detection KIT
Kits for the detection of HLA-B27 alleles and polymorphism for the diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis using LAMP technology.

More detailed product information

The LAMP Human HLA-B27 detection KIT is a genetic test for the detection of the rs4349859 polymorphism, which is most often associated with Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis) in the European population.

As an alternative, the LAMP Human HLA-B27 direct detection KIT for simultaneous detection of HLA-B27 alleles (B27*02 and B27*05) can be used.

The tests are based on robust and sensitive LAMP technology with subsequent analysis of the melting curve (TaqMan probes or intercalation dye). The main advantage of the products is the simplicity and speed of analysis without the need for DNA isolation. Positive controls are included in the kits.

The products are CE-IVD certified and compatible with most available rtPCR instruments (LightCycler 480, CFX96, CFX Opus, RotorGene Q, MIC, QuantStudio 1, 3, 5).

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