Dvoucestné jehly Sense

Producer: Vitrolife
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Two-way Sense needles
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

REF-19149-Sense-Double-Lumen-flyer-V01_Date-of-issue-20200601.pdf .pdf REF 19084 Sense v07 20230515.pdf .pdf

More detailed product information

The Sense Double Lumen needle has a 16G body and a 19G needle tip. The unique design makes it the perfect needle for the job and has the control and precision you need with optimal aspiration time. With Sense, you retain the benefits of working with a conventional needle and gain the advantages of a thin needle. It allows follicle flushing.


Ref Product Outer Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter(GAUGE) Inner Diameter(mm) Needle Lenght(mm) Tubong to sampling tube(mm) Flush tubing (mm) Package
17187 Double Lumen, reduced tip - Sense 1,6/1,1 16/19 1,4/0,8 350 1000 1000 10-pack

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