Product code: 16402
Producer: Vitrolife
Obrazek produktu - EmbryoScope+
EmbryoScope+ with 15 culture sites
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

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More detailed product information

This type of EmbryoScope+ introduces completely new standards in this field. It has the largest capacity of all TL systems on the market - 15 culture sites of 16 embryos each, with very small dimensions of the device (55x50x60 cm). It integrates a completely unique system of patient identification by means of a unique barcode, which guarantees the best prevention of plate mix-ups. The internal design of the EmbryoScope+ guarantees maximum stable culture conditions thanks to the minimal internal dimensions of the incubator and the absolute minimization of contact with the external environment when handling the dishes. And all this with minimal consumption of CO2 and N2 gases.

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