Product code: 16536
Producer: Vitrolife
Obrazek produktu - iDAScore
Fully automated AI-assisted program for selecting the best embryo based on clinical data

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iDAScore is a fully automated artificial intelligence (AI) embryo scoring system developed by Vitrolife for the EmbryoScope+ Time Lapse System.

iDAScore uses deep learning to provide fully automated analysis of time-lapse sequences. The iDAScore algorithm analyzes each embryo and provides a score correlating with the probability of implantation. iDAScore was developed and validated on a large diverse dataset, resulting in a robust AI model. The automated AI embryo scoring shows compelling results for all provided subgroups - e.g. IVF or ICSI, age of patients, duration of culture between 112 hours and above, use of different culture media. The iDAScore system was developed by Vitrolife's in-house AI team and is based on the evaluation of the development of more than 33,500 KID (Know Implantation Data) embryos with known clinical fate from 22 clinics across the world.

The iDAScore is a consistent, objective, fully automated and reliable system that provides an objective assessment of the probability of implantation of all embryos at once at the touch of a button. It is simple and intuitive, without the need for manual export or import of images or videos.

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