Protrans HLA NGS N5 / N5LR11

Product code: 8828 / 8811C
Producer: Protrans
Obrazek produktu - Protrans HLA NGS N5 / N5LR11
NGS systems for easy and efficient HLA typing.

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Protrans N5 (RUO)

Amplicon-based Single PCR Next Generation Sequencing of 10 HLA loci on a Illumina MiSeq.

24 tests


Protrans N5LR11 (CE IVD)

Long-range Next Generation Sequencing of 11 HLA loci (in 4 Mixes) on a Illumina MiSeq, MiniSeq and iSeq Sequencers.

The Complete Kit contains 4 Primer Mixes, PCR Solutions, Polymerase, Library Preperation Reagents (incl. Indexes) and Purification Reagents.

48 tests 


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