RapidWarm™ Omni (4x5mL)

Product code: 10124
Producer: Vitrolife
Obrazek produktu - RapidWarm™ Omni (4x5mL)
Dokumenty ke stažení

Dokumenty ke stažení

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This is a range of vitrification media for use for all stages of embryo development - from oocytes to blastocysts. It was developed based on research and IVF laboratory requirements for time efficient, easy and successful vitrification of all stages. The media is used at a physiological temperature of 37°C, which significantly reduces the vitrification time and ensures optimal conditions for the embryos. The protocol introduces minimal changes for each embryo stage in order to make working in the laboratory as simple, organized and stress-free as possible. Vitrification results with Omni media are fully comparable to the original Blast and Cleave vitrification media.


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