Devyser LynchFAP

Product code: 8-A111
Producer: Devyser AB
Detection of germline mutations in 10 genes incl. differentiation of PMS2 gene variants and PMS2CL pseudogene

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A simple and rapid diagnostic test for the detection of SNV, InDel and CNV germline mutations in 10 genes associated with colorectal cancer. Library preparation is based on amplicon sequencing and also includes long-range PCR for distinguishing PMS2 gene variants and PMS2CL pseudogene.

Results can be evaluated using AmpliconSuite (SmartSeq) and SexNext (JSI).

The kit is validated for Illumina NGS sequencers.

List of genes involved: MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2, EPCAM, APC, MUTYH, POLE, POLD1, CTNNB1

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