PNAClamp technology

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Producer: HLB Panagene Co., Ltd.
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Kits for detection of EGFR, KRAS, NRAS, BRAF gene mutations by PNAClamp technology

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Kits are based on the PNAClamp™ methodology, which uses the unique properties of PNAs (Peptide Nucleic Acids). PNAs are artificially synthesized DNA/RNA analogs that allow selective amplification of mutated DNA and thereby maximize assay sensitivity. The actual detection takes place on the principle of Real-Time PCR.

The kits are CE IVD certified.



PNAClamp KRAS Mutation Det.Kit 


PNAClamp NRAS Mutation Det.Kit 


PNAClamp BRAF Mutation Det.Kit 


PNAClamp EGFR Mutation Det.Kit 

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