SOPHiA RNAtarget Technology

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Panele RNA NGS do wykrywania SNV, InDel i fuzji genów, nawet z nieznanymi partnerami wiążącymi.

RNAtarget technology from SOPHiA Genetics is intended for the analysis of RNA isolated from FFPE blocks or fresh/frozen tissue. The technology enables the detection of SNV, InDel, expression and fusion incl. by fusion with an unknown binding partner.
Other advantages include the possibility of automation and customization of panels. Library preparation is based on hybridization capture technology.

Kits are validated for Illumina NGS sequencers.

The solution also includes the unique SOPHiA DDM software for secondary and tertiary analysis of the resulting NGS data.

The following panels are currently available:


SOPHiA Custom RNAtarget Oncology Solution - 45 genes

45 genów


SOPHiA DDM Dx RNAtarget Oncology Solution (CE-IVD)

11 genów


SOPHiA DDM RNAtarget PanCancer Solution

136 genów